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1.) We invite everyone who has i-deas to offer ("drafts, prototypes, plans, solutions...). With your T-lab account you can submit an inquiry or offer idea deposits for with which you will achieve new tourism projects and products. 
 You are welcome if:
      • you would like to realize the idea
      • you are offering your i-deas free of charge or are only asking a symbolic amount for them
      •  you are asking a commercial price for an i-dea or a share in profits
2.) We invite everyone who has €-nergy to offer (= financial resources but also material resources and labour). You can make "€-nergy deposits" in order to support originality, excellence and the development of tourism and tourism products. You are welcome if:
     • you are offering donations or €-nergy loans (also interest-free) for the realisation of i-deas.
     • you wish to share in the profit from an i-dea whose realisation will be (co-)financed with funds from your €-nergy deposit.  
3.) We invite everyone who is offering or looking for knowledge (survey and poll results, personal experience...). You can submit to your T-LAB account requests or bids for "knowledge deposits," which will make tourism even smarter, more original and resourceful and will make realization of ideas easier.  

Are you offering or looking for news (on the innovativeness and development of tourism)? Apart from reading the news posted by the T-LAB, you can also add your own news to your T-LAB account, to inform other promising Slovenian and Italian innovators about the new, fresh and exciting developments in the sphere of tourism and innovation at home and around the globe.

Since we can not monitor all the activities in Slovenia and Italy, we may not notice every deposit to be implemented. Therefore we kindly invite you to let us know when and how you managed to  realize your deposit.
The registration process is simple and free. Beside entering the username and password one must enter at least an e-mail address as well to which the user is customized according to the daily, weekly or monthly receipt of the news, posted on the portal. After you've registered, we recommend you to enter in your contact details and specify what information will be visible to other users and which ones will be hidden. 
If you forgot your password, enter your username in the field meant for that to receive the password on your email address. 
Registered users can submit all types of deposits. To enter a deposit go to the "My T-LAB" and click "Add new deposit".
1. Add new deposits in the fields below.
2. All visitors can see the fields Title, Image, Short Text and Tags.
3. Full Text and Documents are visible only to the T-lab Council and those VIPs that are allowed access by you.
4. Full Text and Documents can be accessed when person B sends person A a special request (such permission can be requested for all published deposits).
! ATTENTION ! By clicking Save, deposits are submitted. Before published, deposits must be granted by the administrator.

1. The table contains all the contents you have submitted to the T-LAB using the option "New deposits." 
2. You can add new ideas, energies, knowledge and news. 
3. You can change the sorting order of entries by clicking on the relevant column heading. 
! ATTENTION ! By clicking Save, deposits are submitted. Before published, deposits must be granted by the administrator.
Users can make contact with each other via the VIP connections. The established VIP connections are also a prerequisite for the exchange of messages between users of the portal.
If you are particularly interested into one of the deposits, Log in / register and send a request for establishment of VIP connection to the author.  When the author of the deposit confirms the connection with you, you can begin to exchange messages, the author can also allow you access to the entire contents of a deposit, which you are interested in.
Use three types of messages (Invitations, Messages and Requests) for communicating with other T-LAB users. Detailed instructions are to the right of the screen.
1. VIP invitations – On the My VIPs page person A can send a VIP invitation to person B. If person B accepts it, persons A and B are included in each other's VIP lists (see the My VIPs page). The VIP status is required for private messaging. 
2. Messages – When persons A and B become each other's VIPs, they can exchange any type of information through the T-LAB messaging system. 
3. Complete contents – After persons C and D have exchanged basic information through private messaging, then, for example, person D can send to person C a request to view the complete contents of one of C's deposits. Person C can either accept or reject the request. Requests are submitted directly from within the deposit for which you are requesting unlimited access. 
You can send NEW MESSAGES to your VIPs directly from the My VIPs section (upper right corner) by clicking on the photo of the relevant VIP and then selecting Send Message. 
AUTOMATIC E-MAIL NOTIFICATIONS of new additions and changes to the T-LAB portal can be configured in the My T-LAB Account section.
1. Displays your VIPs (very important persons) and their T-LAB deposits.
2. By using the Add VIP Connection option, person A sends a VIP invitation to person B. If person B accepts it, persons A and B are included in each other's VIP lists, which are displayed on this page. The VIP status is required for private messaging between persons A and B. 
3. For details on messaging in the T-LAB community, see the My messages page.
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